Cultural heritage conservation.

Published the Italian version of EN 17036: 2018: “Conservation of cultural heritage – Artificial aging by simulation of solar irradiation of porous, treated and untreated inorganic materials”.

Italy is the country with the highest number in the world of beauties recognized as UNESCO heritage. In total our Peninsula is home to 53, including monuments, sites and landscapes. In particular, Italy represents a global reference point for those involved in art. In fact, the Italian artistic heritage covers a period from prehistory to today.

This role is recognized internationally by confirming the centrality and excellence of our country in this sector. Having an artistic park of such vastness, its conservation is extremely important.

Aware of this, the Commission for Processes and Systems for the building has also incorporated the EN 17036 standard into Italian.

What the standard provides

This technical document determines the susceptibility to long-term light of treatments used in the preservation of porous inorganic materialsSome examples may concern materials that have undergone treatment during a conservation intervention such as cleaning, surface consolidation, water repellent protection, biocide treatment.

Or they may relate to materials that have undergone a color change after exposure (for example mortars and some natural stones). The procedure can be used to evaluate the effects of immediate treatments and their temporal evolution in relation to untreated or unexposed materials.

Unlike natural atmospheric agents, artificial aging using solar irradiation simulation involves a limited number of variables that can be controlled more easily and which are intensified in order to evaluate in a short time the stability of porous inorganic materials and the duration of treatments storage.

Field of application of the methodology

The methodology defined in the standard is designed to be used on new materials. In all cases, the risk of potential damage to irreplaceable objects during irradiation should be considered.

Normative requirements

Within the document it is possible to find the following normative references:

  • EN 13373 Natural stone test methods – Determination of geometric characteristics on units;
  • EN 16085 Conservation of cultural property – Methodology for sampling from materials of cultural property – General rules.

Study of the aging of materials subjected to environmental variations

With the analysis and testing set provided by the Thermocert solution, it is possible to simulate the aging of porous inorganic materials subject to environmental variations.

The determination of the thermal properties constitutes the input for the simulation models aimed at evaluating, on a provisional basis, the actual performance trend and to estimate a possible degradation due to the different climatic / environmental contexts.


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