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Cultural heritage conservation

2019-03-22T14:57:23+00:0021 December 2018|Categories: Normative|

Cultural heritage conservation. Published the Italian version of EN 17036: 2018: "Conservation of cultural heritage - Artificial aging by simulation of solar irradiation of porous, treated and untreated inorganic materials". Italy is the country with the highest number in the world of beauties recognized as UNESCO heritage. In total our Peninsula is home to 53, [...]

New life for plastic bottles

2019-03-22T14:58:40+00:0021 December 2018|Categories: Research, Research|

New life for plastic bottles. From polluting waste to ultra-light super-material: thanks to research, a new step towards the resolution of the global plastic waste emergency. Researchers of the National University of Singapore (NUS) have recently made a significant contribution to the global theme of plastic waste by developing a technology for converting waste plastic [...]