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The rise of self-healing materials

2018-11-06T12:46:25+00:008 August 2018|Categories: Research, Research|

We find ourselves in the middle of the full and fascinating rise of self-regenerating materials capable of imitating what normally happens in nature Things break. This is the life. This is physics. A smartphone falls and the screen breaks down. Parking space is not calculated correctly and the paint is scratched. This is frustrating, frequent, [...]

Scientists develop new materials that can move in response to light

2018-11-06T12:45:17+00:008 August 2018|Categories: Research, Research|

Magnetic elastomeric composites able to bend, tighten or rotate when exposed to laser, diffused light or sunlight. What would happen if the objects that surround us could change according to the light stimuli they receive? This question is answered by researchers from the Faculty of Engineering of Tufts University who have developed magnetic elastomeric composites [...]